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RF Wireless Sensor and Gateway

1. If the receiver receives the signal, it can parse out the ambient temperature;
2. Maximum 300m long distance measurement;
3. High precise temperature and humidity sensor.
CO₂ Transmitter

1.High long-term stability using dual-beam NDIR sensor;
2.High sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability;
3.High precision and good consistency.
RTD high precision temperature transmitter with LED display

1.PT100 high temperature sensor;
2.Hirschmann LED meter;
RTD high precision temperature transmitter

1.With high precision. fast response and good stability;
2.PT100 high temperature sensor;
3.Support RS485 output;
RS485 Temp & RH Transmitter with LCD display

1.LCD display real-time temp&RH data;
2.Support RS485 Modbus-RTU protocol;
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